Kamis, 04 November 2010


Impotence caused by psychological and should consult a doctor psihikologi and impotence can be cured by the herb food ingredients ancient people, among others:
1. 1 (one) ounce red ginger
2. 3 (three) buds Laos
3. 1 (one) chicken eggs
4. 10 (ten) grains pepper
5. 1 (one) point lime / orange big thin
6. 1 (one) tablespoon honey Original
7. 1 (one) tablespoon soy sauce
1. Shredded red ginger
2. Red Ginger water was taken
3. Water mixed with red Ginger Chicken's Telur
4. Stir until smooth.
5. Lemons squeezed orange Orange Water taken
6. Finely ground pepper
7. Mixed with soy sauce and honey and pepper smooth
8. Pepper powder, soy sauce, honey and lime whipped until thick
Drinking Process
1. Drink this mixture 1 (one) hour prior to marriage.
2. Red Ginger belurkan dregs of the penis laki2
3. Red ginger pulp procedures with WATER WARM

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